Backpacking in Korea (#1) – Backpacking Trip in Gapyeong

Backpacking in Korea (#1) – Backpacking Trip in Gapyeong

Backpacking in South Korea - Pinus Koraiensis Forest of Mount Yeoninsan in Gapyeong

Nowadays, as the winter approaches, we have decided to go to “Pinus Koraiensis Forest of Mount Yeoninsan” in Gapyeong for our backpacking place. Mount Yeoninsan (연인산) stands at 1,068 meters above sea level and features soft terrain and beautiful scenery. Also ideal for hiking, Mount Yeoninsan offers a number of trails: one starts from Buk-myeon in Baekdun-ri, one from Mail-ri, and one from Yongchu Valley. With a minimum of climbing, hikers can take in a variety of scenic views, ranging from the bloom of the royal azaleas in the spring to the beauty of the changing leaves in the fall. (Source from visitkorea)

We started walking toward our destination “Pinus Koraiensis Forest” following the course starting from the north(Buk-myeon).

We took a break several times while going to the destination. We packed our backpacks in case of the cold winter weather and these were very heavy. As we climbed the mountain, it quickly became hot and we took off our outers. We also drank water frequently because of frequent thirst.

We continued to climb the mountain again, and as we walked, we were reaching quite deep in the mountains. In the deep mountain, snow fell a few days ago, and it turned into ice without melting.

When we walked about 2.5km from the entrance to the mountain, our destination “Pinus Koraiensis Forest” has begun to be seen. When you walk slowly and do not hurry, it will be enough for 1 hour ~ 1 hour and 30 minutes to get here.

As soon as we arrived at the destination, we put down a heavy backpack. We enjoyed the walk for a while with drinking the fresh air that the trees gave out.

After enjoying the walk for a while, we hurried to set up the tent before dark. As you know, in winter, the sun goes down quickly and the mountains are very cold, so we found a place where there was a sunshine and set our bed there.

The outside quickly got dark and we were hungry, so we hurried to prepare for dinner in a tent. Since this trip was backpacking, not auto camping, we brought instant food that we could not only simply eat with boiled water, also we could reduce the use of fire as much as possible. We just prepared How Spicy Chicken Rice for our dinner at “Pinus Koraiensis Forest”.

We warmed rice and hot spicy chicken sauce with boiled water in a reactor. And we simply put them in a paper container and rubbed it. It was really simply and very delicious. We recommend eating this dish with a cool beer~ I think it is a pretty good combination.

After eating dinner, there was already darkness in Pinus Koraiensis Forest and the only light in this darkness was from our tent. In this forest where there was no any attraction, we could only hear the cold wind blowing.

As the night became deeper, the temperature dropped more and more. In order to withstand the cold winter nights, we not only bundled up several layers of clothing, but also we threw a hot pack in a winter sleeping bag covered with a sleeping bag (Bivy cover) cover.

The pitch darkness was lifted and the sunlight began to enter Pinus Koraiensis Forest. The sunlight breaking through the dense trees warmed my body a bit, but that was enough. However, we still struggled to take down a tent since our hands were freezing.

This backpacking allows us to see why Pinus Koraiensis Forest in Mount Yeoninsan has been loved by many backpackers for a long time. It was really great. Anyway, we hurried down the mountain after we made sure that there was no trace left where we stayed. I always think that it is the right backpacker’s attitude to make nature protection considered as the top priority. I will think about where to place the next backpacking. See you soon~~!!

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