The Camping & Picnic Fair in South Korea

The Camping & Picnic Fair in South Korea

The Camping & Picnic Fair in South Korea

Every year in Korea, the camping & picnic fair is held at Kintex, Ilsan between April and April. I visited in two years this camping fair with great anticipation. On the day of the visit (mid-March), the weather was very good and I felt that the camping and picnic seasons were approaching.

I took a picture with fair tickets before entering. Even though it was Friday, it was crowded with many people.

This camping fair also was filled with booths by many related outdoor companies. Companies participating each year are different, but representative brands have come in sight with a large booth.

The brand “North Peak”, which I didn’t know well before, was holding a fairly large booth on one side of the exhibition hall. Especially, its identity color made a strong impression on me and I felt that the combination of the black table and the color was well suited. It seemed to be a well-suited brand for a minimal camping style for family members rather than lightweight backpacking.

There were various exhibits ranging from camping and picnic tools to accessories as well as hard gear such as tents and tarps throughout the exhibition hall. And also there were a lot of small and new camping equipment in the exhibition hall that made me want to go camping right away.

Personally, the most expected booth was the MSR. This is because I was really interested in Hubba Tour 2, which is launched this time, and I really wanted to see it. Unfortunately, Hubba Tour 2 was not displayed, but 3P was on display so I could look into it. Again MSR didn’t disappoint me, all MSR Hubba Tour Series was as good as I expected.

One of the most popular brand Helinox was the biggest booth in the camping fair. The Helinox booth was especially crowded with many visitors by offering initial embroidery events

As I traveled around the exhibition hall, a pretty lantern came into my eyes. It was made by recycling beer cans and seemed better than expensive lanterns. Since I usually enjoy beer when I go camping, I thought that I should make “Beer Can Lantern” by myself later.

Various outdoor brands have participated in this camping & picnic fair and led many visitors successfully, but there were also desired things. Most of all, in Korea, not only the increasing camping population, but also a growing number of people enjoying a variety of outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, backpacking, kayaking and the like, so I hope that this exhibition will grow into a fair that includes a variety of outdoor lifestyles.

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