The beautiful campsite in Korea (#3) – Camping in Hantangang River(Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do)

The beautiful campsite in Korea (#3) – Camping in Hantangang River(Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do)

The beautiful campsite in Korea (#3) - Camping in Hantangang River(Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do)

As days are getting colder and chilly, the peak season of excursion for viewing scarlet autumn leaves is running to the end. We had to rush to search such a nice place to see the last colorful arounds. Then we decided to go to a place where has water, mountain, and great picturesque landscape with colorful arounds, which is a campsite close to Hantangang River.

Driving to the north from Seoul, and arrived at a campsite near Hantangang River. As soon as got to the campsite, a rural autumn scenery leads us to look around Hantangang River. It is absolutely awesome, can’t describe with one word, but it is just great.

With colorful arounds of campsite, we searched the best spot to pitch the tent. Setting up the tent is now easier than before, because It is already third time of MUST OUTDOOR Camping Story. Setting up the tent under the trees toward nice view, and prepare a dinner to fill the stomach. The dinner menu is smoked pork belly BBQ, you can check out what we had through the video below.

After the sunset, sooner the shadow of night goes under the whole sky. Campsite is too tranquil to hear sounds of bugs and flowing water at night. Full stomach with delicious camping food we made and a silent night make us to get to the tent for sleeping early.

Great another day! Good morning!, but It is still cold. But a maple tree at the campsite is respectably and brightly showing shining red color like sunrise while other maple trees are already left bare branches with fallen leaves.

Great morning starts with American style breakfast, which is scramble eggs, sausages, and sliced baguette with strawberry jam. Yummy!

After simple breakfast with hot coffee, we look around along the Hantangang river. We walk down to a steep hill to reach the river course. The river view from the cliff is totally different from the view of riverside. It looks like great canyon that we have never seen. It is lucky that we can reach to the riverside looking around all river course with shine day.

Currently water level is not that deep and the amount of water flow are not much enough. But In summer season, water level is enough to enjoy rafting at the upper region of the river. We are also looking forward to having experience rafting next summer season.

Great sunshine and an autumn breeze blows softly. At this great moment, we had light drinks with Gambas al ajillo for lunch. Look at the video clip how delicious it is.

After having lunch with beers, we had time for refreshment and refurbishing all equipment and tools for another night. Simply meaning, just taking a rest until to prepare dinner. Dinner is ‘smoked beer-can chicken roast’

Another great day continues toward another tranquil night with same sound last night. Camping for two nights was first time which gave us more relaxed and refreshing time to prepare upcoming tremendous workload.

Before we leave, we decided to walk a trail course of Hantangang River. It is quite famous trail course called as “Grand Canyon of Korea”, whose distance is almost 7 km. It is not tough distance, thus many of people are visiting this trail course.

At the end of walking trail course, we found a colorful road, which was just like beautiful carpet made by fallen leaves. As time goes by, end of autumn is right around the corner, and winter would be coming soon. We have to wait a year to see these beautiful and colorful scenery again. Stepping fallen leaves make unique sounds and this makes us thinking how precious and wonderful two days camping at Hantangang River were.

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