The Wild Auto Camping in South Korea #1 – “Binea Island” in Chungju

The Wild Auto Camping in South Korea #1 – “Binea Island” in Chungju

The Wild Auto Camping in South Korea #1 - Auto Camp in "Binea Island"

Happy New Year Everyone~ We hope all of you everything goes well in 2018.
It is hard to believe, but the New Year has already begun. So, in order to celebrate the New Year, we decided to go to “Binea Island” located in Chungju of Chungcheong Province. According to the Weather Forecast, snowfalls were expected all over the country that day and in particular, more snow was expected in Chungju area. With expectation of camping in the snow, we hurried heading to “Binea Island”.

From Seoul, it took two hours to get the entrance of “Binea Island”. At the entrance, there is a sign notice that “Binea Island” is a 7th of Han River’s 36 scenic views and it is also used as ROKA-U.S ARMY TRAINING AREA. Fortunately, the day we visited did not have a training schedule and we were able to enter the island without any restriction.

As soon as crossed the short bridge, we entered an off-road and then started to look for camp sites. We were able to feel the roughness of the unpaved road while searching for our campsite and this wild off-road made us feel closer to the nature. However, if you don’t want your car to get any hurt, we recommend future visitors to visit here with only SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle).

We found a good place next to the river side and prepared to spend the night here.

The ground was frozen and covered with large and small stones, so it was more difficult to set up the tent than usual. Anyway, we got it…

After a tough time of setting the tent, the beautiful scenery of “Binea Island” had just begun to come into my eyes. The stunning combination of river streams and cliffs was enough to create a wonderful landscape.

After enjoying the scenery for a while, we hurried to prepare our dinner in order to fill our empty stomachs.

We brought two chickens to make main chicken dishes for the dinner in “Binea Island”. Samgye-tang(Ginseng Chicken Soup) was chosen as our first menu since we wanted to supplement our physical strength with it.

And the second menu was Beer Can Chicken covered with basil and oil.

We put Beer Can chicken next to the hot charcoal fire and also put Samgye-tang(Ginseng Chicken Soup) on the grill. Then, sitting in front of a charcoal fire, we melted our frozen hands, listening to music, and waiting until the chicken is cooked through.

After waiting with perseverance, we could finally taste the deep soup of Samgye-tang. The taste was really awesome as it was worth the wait. Especially a warm soup of Samgye-tang made us forget the cold snap.

Then, we could taste a well baked Beer Can Chicken. The chicken, which holds beer, was turned into a real tender meat. Especially, it was so delicious to eat chicken with homemade sauce.

After a nice dinner, the snow began to fall as the forecast said.

After it began to snow, the island became even more magnificent.

I spread out a tripod on the ground and started to press the camera shutter to take a gorgeous night view covered with snow.

We fell into a great night view and took pictures over an hour without even knowing the cold. After satisfying with some good pictures of “Binea Island’s night view, we hurried into the tent to sleep.

As I was listening to the sound of snow falling on the tent, I glided into asleep. And within a few hours, I could feel that the sun is just dawning over the island.

The morning air was so cold that it felt hard to get out of the sleeping bag. But soon we unzipped the door of tent to see the morning views of island and a wonderful landscape beyond expectation laid spread out before me.

The “Binea Island”, which turned white all over, was wonderful and the fog which hung over the river gave us exotic scenery. It was so awesome!

As the last night, we forgot the cold and couldn’t stop taking pictures. However, the photographs were never as good as those seen directly by my own eyes. We strongly recommend watching this landscape directly with your own eyes.

Even though we really wanted to stay longer, but we had to hurry to get ready to go home since we heard that the cold wave will be particularly severe. We only left the tent mark among the snow and cleaned up everything without any trace. The “Binea Island” was our first wild auto camp in 2018 and we felt that it is a good camping place to visit again in upcoming spring, summer and autumn.

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