MUST OUTDOOR Camping Story #1 – Noeul Campsite(1)

MUST OUTDOOR Camping Story #1 – Noeul Campsite(1)

Noeul Campsite At Noeul Park of Seoul (1)

After extremely busy days in summer peak season, we are totally exhausted for work and feel bored without any refreshment. Our refreshing vacation has postponed by way of excuse that we are busy for work. So we searched fine view campsite and packed up the bag for camping, buy some foods and stuffs for auto camping.

Campsite we decided to go is Noeul Campsite located in Seoul, where is very famous and easy to access, and can see a great view of Seoul.

Arrived at Noeul campsite parking, it was already 3 pm and it was quite late for work. Check in at Noeul campsite is from 1 pm. If arrived early, more time for relaxation probably.

Noeul camping5

Get the ticket and ride an eco-friendly electric car for reaching campsite. It is quite far from parking lot to campsite, so, don’t even think about walking to campsite unless you are extremely healthy or have light weight bags. Thus, recommending just spend 3000 won per person for roundtrip. That’s clever thing.

If got to campsite, check in at management office of Noeul Campsite and carry all stuff with cart to the reserved site.

Finally, we got to the site and check how to setup the tent on the site.
It is a middle of weekday, but still many of people are around on the campsite and having relaxation on their own ways.

Check every single camping gear for setup the tent. It is kind of backpacker camping gear, but it is perfect fit for minimal camping.

Simply setup the tent for sleeping, and setup the tarp as shelter. While we were setting up, a flaming sunset was glowing in the sky. It is very rare to see perfect sunset, but timing was perfect as we expected and matched with name of campsite “Noeul” which means sunset in Korean.

Setting is done! A flaming sunset makes us feel more appetitive after setting up the tent.

Check next episode what we had for dinner at that night.

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    Can I walk in without making a online reservation and pay for an empty camp site by credit card if empty camp site is available ?

    I am a foreigner holding passport.Can I walk in without online reservation

    2 years ago

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