MUST OUTDOOR Camping Story #1 – Noeul Campsite(2)

MUST OUTDOOR Camping Story #1 – Noeul Campsite(2)

Noeul Campsite At Noeul Park in Seoul (2)

With a perfect view of flaming sunset in the sky, people around the campsite are exciting and fully enjoy it by taking pictures. Noeul campsite is on the high hill of the park where you can see picturesque scenery of Seoul City.

Before having dinner time, we organized and setup all gears and tools for dinner, then walk around of the campsite to see how great campsite is.
The view of the sunset from here Noeul campsite was unprecedentedly beautiful landscape and has a variety color of sunset.

When it gets dark after beautiful sunset, we felt starved enough to chew raw meats. Today’s camping cooking is ‘Grilled Pork Belly BBQ and Ribs’.

First, pork belly marinated with olive oil, rosemary, salt, bay leaf, basil, and oregano, sears on the cast iron pan until it slightly burned. Then put it on the grill for smoked roasting.

Noeul camping42

Second cooking is barbecue ribs. Marinated ribs with special hot seasoning sauce(?) grill with smoke. then cover all with foils, which cooks like weber grill.

Look at the meats on the grill! Isn’t that beautiful? Look delicious pretty much.
It is well cooked even though burned a little bit.

Check out video below for whole camping cooking.

It’s been a while to have great and delicious dinner like this with drinks after seeing beautiful sunset.

After had the greatest dinner with Soju and beers, we go around to see night view of Seoul city. At the hot spot for night view of this campsite, we could see a beautiful landscape of Seoul City. Many cars under the streetlights running on the lighted bridge of Hangang river makes us feel looking new world from another world through camera lens.

Back to tent for deep sleep. It was pretty much tired day, but was one of refreshing time ever here at Noeul Campsite.

Another great day starts with sunrise over the sky. Campsite in the morning is just like very peaceful and quite place with a loud song of birds.

Morning view of Noeul campsite is another impressive landscape with sunrise. Everywhere dew forms, on the tent and all green grass, which feels us a genuine freshness.

The bright bridge at Hangang River last night is now showing its clear view with running cars,
trees and river. We starts another great day with clear sight view and clear mind under the bright sunshine and clear sky.

We are looking forward to having next camping story at another great campsite soon. We Go Play the Great Outdoors!!

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