MUST OUTDOOR Camping Story #2 – Donggang River View Campsite

MUST OUTDOOR Camping Story #2 – Donggang River View Campsite

Camping in South Korea
"Donggang River View Campsite"

A sunny autumn day, we went to Jeongseon, Gangwon-do, where we can enjoy camping with an autumn flavor. There is “Donggang River View-Natural Recreation Forest” called as a five-star camping site that so many campers really want to visit.

It has been three hours since we left Seoul and after passing a lot of winding and stoop roads, we finally arrived at the campsite. We felt a little bit tired, however the beautiful scenery of “Donggang River View Campsite” broke up our fatigue of long trip.

We pitched a tent in a spot where we could get the beautiful scenery of Donggang River at a glance and enjoyed the cool autumn wind and the fall scenery.

After enjoyed the scenery of campsite, we hurried to prepare the food in order to appease our starving stomachs. We choose a pasta for the first meal at Donggang River Campsite.

Even though it was very ordinary pasta, the fancy scenery with delicious beer gave us a wonderful meal that didn’t envy any high-class restaurant.

We moved a tent to our reserved deck site after a nice meal and we installed tarp in front of our tent and set up the table under the tarp to prepare for a night at Donggang River View Campsite.

Before preparing a dinner, we enjoyed a glass of cold beer watching the beautiful sunset and it became dark soon thereafter as late as autumn.

It was so dark that we prepared for supper right away. In order to enjoy our dinner at the campsite, we brought some shrimp and chicken drumettes for barbeque and prepared Fish Cake Soup.

We put some shrimps and chicken drumettes on well-heated charcoal fire and grilled chicken carefully so that that barbecue sauce of chicken would not burn.

We enjoyed the perfect meal while drinking Soju with well-roasted shrimps, chicken drumettes and a spicy fish cake soup.

While eating a roasted sweet potato by sitting around a bonfire, the night was steadily getting deeper. So, we rushed into the tent to avoid disturbing neighbor campers and went to bed.

The morning sun came quickly at a campsite located 800 meters above sea level. When I go out the tent to breathe fresh air, there was a spectacular view of Donggan River in front of my eyes. The feeling of camping on a cloud is really hard to put it into words and we surely want to visit again in every season.

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