The best Glamping sites in South Korea you can fully enjoy!

The best Glamping sites in South Korea you can fully enjoy!

The best Glamping sites in South Korea you can fully enjoy

Most of tourists are looking for something special other than they already experienced. As research from Korean Tourism Organization noticed that most of FITs(Free/Foreign Independent Traveler) coming from China, Japan and other Southeast Asia countries are generally experiencing similar tour routine such as city and tourist spots sightseeing they have been, shopping, K-Pop, and gourmet tour. Thus, when it comes 2nd or 3rd visitation in Korea, they are already exhausted from same routine tours, and still thirsty on newer experience and places for tour.

I recommended the greatest way to enjoy great outdoors, escaping from concrete jungle, is experiencing outdoor activities and camping as tour. But, sometimes saying that camping is still difficult and tiresome due to requiring camping gears.


So, Must Outdoor prepared here, following glamping (glamorous / luxury camping) site are somewhat of a hybrid between a tent and a cabin, and fully equipped with camping gears, as well as it features a series of luxurious “tents” which add some serious comfort to the traditional camping experience. Let’s check out the outdoor luxury accommodation in South Korea.


Unlike other campgrounds, Pine4Rest, located in Gapyeong, will lead you to the deep inside the countryside. On the one hand the scenery and the scent of a rural village on the way is quite captivating.


At first, it seems quite a distance but once you arrive at the luxurious glamping ground hidden in dense forest, the sound of singing birds and water and the wind blowing down from the mountain at the back will relieve you of fatigue from weary journey.
The attracting point of Pine4rest is that glamping tents are all exclusively designed by an architect.

글램핑 전경

Club Noblepic

Club Noblepic, near the Daesungri Station, is located at a close distance from Seoul. A wide outdoor pool with beautiful scenery at the back is laid in the middle of the resort. The outdoor pool is not as deep as it seems and it’s separated with kids and adults areas. Outdoor BBQ patio with big screen TV allows you to enjoy the buffet or a course meal with a movie. The luxurious club house next to the patio serves beers, wines and coffees.


The attractive point of the resort is that you could enjoy luxuriance and heal yourself in the perfectly serene nature setting near Seoul. The management tries to provide enough private space for each guest by avoiding crowds. The price may give you surprise at first but considering that it’s the occupancy of four people including dinner and luxurious glamping


Huttopia is a luxurious glamping ground providing all the necessary facilities inside the room for guests who want comfort and soulful camping experience. This village-like campground is good for anyone who wants both luxury and camping.


Above all, Huttopia is situated in natural surroundings. Each glamping tent is blessed with the gorgeous Hongcheon river and mountain breeze. No doubt that it is great place to relieve your fatigue from weary journey and brings you unforgettable experience with beautiful natural surroundings, river and mountain.
The attraction point of this place is that guest can safely enjoy spacious swimming pool located right in front of cabin, with family and kids.

The Park Twelve (Glamping 12)

It’s a fully equipped glamping facility where anybody can enjoy camping at ease in a European style cabana and tropical style safari tents. The luxurious glamping campground is furnished with bed, sofa, air-conditioning, heating and even a shower booth.


The major attraction of The Park 12 is 33,000㎡ of fishing place. The privately-operated fishing reservoir is about 3-6 meters deep and has 20 units of water bungalow. The fishing place has private sitting area for fishing and has lots of fish in which includes Asian carp, catfish, crucian carp and other big fish. It’s the only ground level reservoir in Gangwon province where you can enjoy tranquil lake surrounded by nature.


It’s an ideal fishing place for first-time anglers, women and families with children. Walking trails and grass field that surround the fishing lake provide pleasant ambiance.

Triple Glamping

The only luxurious glamping ground at the emerging surfer’s spot in YangYang Beach – “Yangyang Triple Glamping”
Triple Glamping is situated at Yangyang beach where amazing scenery of the open sea spreads in front of your eyes. Camping with a view of the sea gives different pleasure and fun from the one of a mountain.


The attracting point of the site is the surrounding environment where 1000 pyong of pine tree forest protects the glamping ground. Every morning the red sun rising from the horizon shines the every corner of the glamping ground hidden in the pine tree forest and the scent of pine tree gives you sense of relaxation and heals your weary body. Also, private terrace area in front of each tent allows you enjoying tranquil moment over a glass of wine and BBQ with a spectacle view of the sea.


Another attraction of Triple Glamping ground is that guests can enjoy outdoor bath in a Jacuzzi made of Japanese hinoki wood. The 1000 pyong of pine tree forest only houses 7 glamping tents so guests can enjoy relaxing moment while watching night sky in nature.

All luxury glampings are available at Must Outdoor
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