Muuido Island Garden Campsite(Seom-tteul-a-re)

276-2, Muui-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

price from $50/night

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General Policy
1. Please provide correct No. of guests. Severely restrict if No. of Guests are over than reserved one.
2. Please observe Check-In and Check-Out time.
3. Quite time is from 22:00 pm, Please refrain from loud singing and shouting for other guests.
4. If facilities are damaged by guests, it charges guest all associated costs.
5. Cooking in restricted area aside from the site(Ex. Mountain, Stream side) can impose a penalty.
6. Restrict excessive electric power facilities such as rice cooker, electric heater.
7. Administrator/Manager is not responsible for any loss or theft on the guest’s property and belongings.
8. Personal pets are not allowed. Using facilities and room can be rejected on the spot.
9. If other guest complains inconvenience on your behavior, it can be forcibly out of the room.
10. Please follow instruction of manager/administrator in case of requiring emergency such as heavy rain, strong wind, or any disaster.
11. It is restricted to bring and make a fire indoor such as portable gas stove or torch. Please use designated area for making a fire on a safe fire pit or brazier.
12. Please observe hours of use of public shower room.
13. Smoking is restricted indoor and only allowed in designated area. Please use smoking area.
14. Before check out, please arrange all used facilities and items and separate garbage collection (regular waste, recyclable waste, food waste).
15. Minors not allowed without accompanying parent or adult guardian.
Cancellation & Refund Policy
- All determinations of MUST OUTDOOR with respect to the Guest Cancellation & Refund Policy, including without limitation the size of any refund, shall be final and binding on the Guests and Hosts. For understanding on detail cancelation and refund policy of the booking, please refer to MUST OUTDOOR's policy reference(Section 8).<< Click

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Outdoor Accommodation Type

  • Auto Camping
  • Lodge & Villas


Here Muuido Island Garden Campsite (Called Muuido Seom-tteul-a-re campsite : 무의도 섬뜰아래), located at Muuido Island of western sea near Incheon Airport, is quite hard to get there though, it would be exciting moment to go to Muuido by ferry and would provide unforgettable experience.

Staying in an island feels like survival adventure in the movie “Castaway”. But Muuido is not an isolated island, has various tourist spots and is surrounded by beautiful and picturesque seashore. Especially Muuido Island Garden campsite provides campers a great romantic view of camping spot.

The first attraction of Muuido Island Garden campsite is café called Seom-tteul-a-re. If you arrive there, beautiful café welcomes along with seashore of unexpected beautiful landscape. Muuido Island Garden campsite runs not only auto camping sites, also lodge & villa (a.k.a in Korea, Pension) and others.

Muuido Island Garden Campsite (Muuido Seom-tteul-a-re) will satisfy your all expectations such as staying in nature of island, seeing romantic landscape, experiencing camping right in front of seashore. Those who are not familiar with auto camping, lodge & villa is available. You can thoroughly enjoy camping and other variety of activities with friends and family at this camping site.

How about leaving for Muuido island now to experience unforgettable and precious memories?


How to get there

  • By Car : At Jamjindo Quay, roundtrip ticket for Car (20000 won) – Take Ferry for Muuido (Keunmuri Quay) – arrive at Keunmuri Quay(Muuido Island) – Drive for Seom-tteul-a-re Café/Camping / 5 Mins (Muuido Island Garden)
  • By Public Transportation : Incheon Airport departure gate No. 7 – Get on a bus for Muuido (half-hourly) – Jamjindo Quay – Round trip ticket (3000won per person) – Get on a ferry to Muuido – arrive at Keunmuri Quay – Get on a bus for Seom-tteul-a-re Café/Camping(Muuido Island Garden)


  • Cafe
  • No Pet Allowed
  • Parking
  • Picnic Table
  • Shops
  • Wi-Fi


  • Beach Front
  • Family Friendly

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    Rushton Philippe

    1 Review
    "Awesome Island Camp Site!!"
    We had the most amazing stay at Muuido Island. The sounds of the sea, seagull and insect as we drifted off to sleep were unbelievable.
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