1246, Hawaksan-ro, Buk-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, 12402, Rep. of KOREA

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General Policy
1. Please provide correct No. of guests. Severely restrict if No. of Guests are over than reserved one.
2. Please observe Check-In and Check-Out time.
3. Quite time is from 22:00 pm, Please refrain from loud singing and shouting for other guests.
4. If facilities are damaged by guests, it charges guest all associated costs.
5. Cooking in restricted area aside from the site(Ex. Mountain, Stream side) can impose a penalty.
6. Restrict excessive electric power facilities such as rice cooker, electric heater.
7. Administrator/Manager is not responsible for any loss or theft on the guest’s property and belongings.
8. Personal pets are not allowed. Using facilities and room can be rejected on the spot.
9. If other guest complains inconvenience on your behavior, it can be forcibly out of the room.
10. Please follow instruction of manager/administrator in case of requiring emergency such as heavy rain, strong wind, or any disaster.
11. It is restricted to bring and make a fire indoor such as portable gas stove or torch. Please use designated area for making a fire on a safe fire pit or brazier.
12. Please observe hours of use of public shower room.
13. Smoking is restricted indoor and only allowed in designated area. Please use smoking area.
14. Before check out, please arrange all used facilities and items and separate garbage collection (regular waste, recyclable waste, food waste).
15. Minors not allowed without accompanying parent or adult guardian.
Cancellation & Refund Policy
- All determinations of MUST OUTDOOR with respect to the Guest Cancellation & Refund Policy, including without limitation the size of any refund, shall be final and binding on the Guests and Hosts. For understanding on detail cancelation and refund policy of the booking, please refer to MUST OUTDOOR's policy reference(Section 8).<< Click
- For Cancellation request, please send a message at Contact Us with cancellation request.

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Located on the foot of Mt. Hwaak in Gapyeong, Toto glamping ground can be reached after driving nearly the end of the road. It’s not easy to get there by public transportation but as it’s placed just below the mountain, you will find the pleasure of the tranquility of nature and sounds of stream and bird chirping.

As its name tells, there is a big rock at the entrance. Around the rock, campsites are scattered on the 3 level of terraces well-harmonized with surrounding nature.

What makes Toto glamping ground different from others is “Soul Camping”, the concept of Toto, pursued by the operators. So, every corner of the campground is charmingly decorated with cute interior accessories. Management office is filled with LP and music CD and musical instruments like guitar and drum are also displayed inside. Slow old pop songs fill the air in the restroom and book café is set on the other corner of the campground for guests. Above all, Toto campground hosts live music performance every third Saturday so that all visitors can enjoy live music in quiet nature.

Hoping guests to spend time with loved ones and fully enjoy Toto campground, management doesn’t offer free wi-fi service within the campground. If necessary, visitors can use free wi-fi service at the management office.

The trace of management’s passion and love for the campground is everywhere. It is neat and well-maintained even better than what is on the picture. It’s popular among women and campers also tend to follow the cleanliness in general. Therefore, anybody who disturbs others with noise is asked to leave immediately. It might be a boring place for loud fun lovers but it’s perfect for those who love tranquility of nature and heal themselves.


How to get there

  • Get on a bus(Intercity Bus -Seoul to Gapyeong) at Dong Seoul Terminal and Get off at Gapyeong Bus Terminal → Get on a bus(No.33-2) at Gapyeong Bus Terminal → Move 49 stops → Wangsonamu Station(왕소나무 정류장) → Walk to “TOTOMU CAMP” (192m)
  • Get on a bus(Intercity Bus –from Seoul to Gapyeong) at Sangbong Bus Terminal and Get off at Gapyeong Bus Terminal → Get on a bus(No.33-2) at Gapyeong Bus Terminal → Move 49 stops → Wangsonamu Station(왕소나무 정류장) → Walk to “TOTOMU CAMP” (192m)


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  • Mountain
  • Stream Side

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  • avatar

    James Ivan

    1 Review
    "Fantastic place!"
    This place is amazing and fantastic. My girlfriend liked more than i expected. Place was clean and quiet. Especially at night, it was wonderful time having campfire under the twinkling stars and moonlight. Scamp was perfectly for couple. Highly recommend!
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  • avatar

    Salon Vincent J

    1 Review
    We feel that TOTOMU Camp is absolutely great for nature lovers. If you don't like camping then I don't suggest this place. Also, the view was great and people very kind.
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