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    Camping is booming in South Korea

    As South Koreans become richer, camping has grown in popularity with campsites booked months ahead.

    AFTER spending most of his week sitting at his desk, investment adviser Kim Jong-do sets off with a backpack once or twice a week to explore some of the seldom visited parts of South Korea.

    “It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mountain or the seaside. I just pack light and leave,” said Kim, who has starred in a survival program on cable channel TV Chosun.

    “I enjoy my time with nature and when it gets dark, I find a spot to spend the night.”

    His camping gear is basic: a rope, a small bush knife and a camping tarp to make a shelter for the night and for emergency situations.

    Kim, a Korean Bear Grylls, explains that what he does is the most “classical” type of camping. “It’s about using the minimum number of tools and enjoying nature to the fullest,” Kim said.
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